Post Traumatic Stress Innovations


NM5, November 29, 2011 | PTSI Presentation

The PTSI project was initiated in partnership with MIT LEAN Advancement Initiative, led by Deborah Nightingale, Professor of the Practice of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems and Director of the Sociotechnical Systems Research Center, is a complex systems analysis of the military infrastructure devoted to Post Traumatic Stress and related conditions.

Keeping the warrior at the center of the analysis, the issue will be approached from both a bottom-up and top-down perspective: from a warrior perspective we will map the progress of our soldiers  from recruitment, through deployments, and on to discharge and return to civilian life; organizationally, we will map the spectrum of efforts to address this issue and assess their strength as a systematic approach.

The goal of this analysis is to identify key system gaps in recognizing and treating Post Traumatic Stress and to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations to address those gaps.

The Team intends to investigate the interfaces of care that comprise the system response to Post Traumatic Stress and to use models as tools to enhance understanding and supplement decision-making for assessment, treatment, and program development.

In July, 2014 Thomas Kochran, George Maverick Bunker Professor at MIT Sloan, became PI of the project.


2014 Project Update