New Models


Beginning in 2005, the MIT Collaborative Initiatives has hosted seven New Models meetings (including New Models 5, I and II). Each was attended by leaders in the various health industries as well as experts in other fields. Participants have included leaders from U.S. Military Health, industry, academia, public health, and government.

The goal of these meetings is idea generation—a first step toward innovative approaches to addressing complex societal issues as well as building new collaborations to put the most promising ideas into action. Integral to the Collaborative’s mission is a push towards action—not just identifying potential solutions, but actually putting them into practice.

Each of the Collaborative’s major projects has stemmed from ideas generated in these meetings. The first initiative, Stroke Pathways, applied a systems-based approach to an acute, time sensitive disease. This methodology was then used to tackle a broader, chronic issue in Childhood Obesity. Next, the Collaborative took this approach to assist the US Military in developing innovative strategies for managing PTSD and related issues.  Currently, MIT-CI is looking at the process of Clinical Trials.

Agendas and Synopses

NM3 - Future Health Systems, September 18, 2008

NM4 – Health Care Reform Working Group Agenda