Other Projects

Korea University http://www.korea.edu/

In 2010 MIT’s Langer Lab and Korea University reached an agreement to foster biomedical research collaboration with the assistance of MIT Collaborative Initiatives. The Collaborative will facilitate meetings targeted at building and strengthening the relationship between the two organizations; introducing interested parties including the Korean business community to the partnership; and maintaining strong communications.

Helsinki Design Lab http://www.helsinkidesignlab.org

In 2010, Marco Steinberg, Project Director for the Stroke Pathways Project, became the Strategic Design Director for the Helsinki Design Lab (HDL). "HDL is a strategic design community powered by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. Design in this capacity is about understanding challenges more holistically and guiding them through to delivery: uncovering the architecture of problems so that we can uncover the architecture of those problems’ solutions. HDL’s focus is bringing government and design together." MIT Collaborative Initiatives has partnered with HDL to further the organizations’ common goal of using systems thinking and design to confront and address the global issues of our time.

Military Health System http://www.health.mil/

The Collaborative’s current involvement with the DOD began in the spring of 2007. Members of the Collaborative’s leadership team have been working as paid consultants with senior military personnel to help facilitate the development of an integrated Military Health Service, fast-track the provision of high-quality TBI/PTSD care and research, build bridges between Military and Civilian researchers and academia, and to serve as objective observers in the MHS process of change.